Dharma Talks

Dharma Talks

Manjusri personifies Meditation
and Great Wisdom

These Dharma talks were given by Rev. Master Basil in Victoria, British Columbia. Folks have told him that they were very helpful to them. He would like to make them available now to all.

Training with Anger

Training with Fear

Training with Greed and Delusion

Feelings and the Cause of Suffering

The Litany of the Great Compassionate One
A talk given by Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg
“The Litany of the Great Compassionate One” is a short scripture that we regularly recite at meetings.

We would also recommend listening to other Dharma talks given by Rev. Master Basil’s teacher, Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg, available on the North Cascades Buddhist Priory website.

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