About Us

About Us

Rev. Master Basil Singer

Seattle Dharma Refuge is led by Rev. Master Basil Singer. Rev. Master Basil has been a Soto Zen Buddhist monk for thirty years. He was ordained by Rev. Master Jiyu Kennett in 1993, transmitted by Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg in 1999, and named a Master in 2003. He trained at North Cascades Buddhist Priory for 21 years.

Formerly Burt or Burton Singer, Rev. Master Basil originally joined the Seattle group in the spring of 1986, after moving to Seattle from New York City. At that time the group was led by his teacher, Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg.

With an enormous amount of gratitude for the transmission and guidance given by Rev. Masters Jiyu and Koshin, Rev. Master Basil would like to bring forth what he has learned and experienced to Seattle. He would like to offer to others the Teaching he has received.

The essential Teaching is that which Shakyamuni Buddha found through his Enlightenment – there is an Unborn, Undying, Uncreated, Unformed that is our True Refuge. This Refuge is always there with Its love and wisdom at all moments and in all circumstances, and through our meditation and training we can allow It to help us.

Seattle Dharma Refuge is a member of the Serene Reflection Dharma Association.

Rev. Master Basil’s Schedule

On Sunday mornings Rev. Master Basil leads a meditation group that meets in Belltown in downtown Seattle. On Monday afternoons he visits Providence Mount St Vincent, a senior assisted living facility, where he leads a meditation group and is also available to meet with residents, visitors and staff. On alternate Wednesdays, he offers meditation and teaching at the Federal Detention Center and the Washington Corrections Center for Women. On the first and third Thursdays of the month he offers meditation and teaching at Bailey-Boushay House, a hospice and recovery facility.

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